Specialised Fasteners

Manufacturers of Special Bolts and Nuts to Customer Specification. Specialising in U-Eye-J-Foundation and Straining Bolts / Studs.  All types of Screw Cutting and Thread Rolling

40 Years

Tel-Screw has grown over the years without a single sales representative. Our name has spread across South Africa based soley on the quality and service we provide


We have stringent quality procedures in place to ensure quality and customer satisfaction at all times. We are proud of the products that we manufacture as customer specifications are adhered to strictly

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I Frans Teleng, a Dutch Citizen, came to South Africa with a team of six men on contract to set up a Chemical Factory in Ballengeigh near New Castle in Natal. This was completed within the six month period and I decided to stay on in South Africa.


I got married by proxy to a Dutch girl by the name of Leonie and she also immigrated to South Africa in 1953. I then worked in a coal mine in Kilbarchen.


We moved to Benoni and I started working as a maintenance foreman. From the day I arrived in South Africa, I had the urge and desire to open up my own business but needed money and the knowledge of the languages in South Africa. It took me 14 years to finally take this step. I worked hard and saved as much money as I possibly could.


I bought into a partnership with a company named T.G. Threading as I had noticed that the manufacturing of special bolts had good potential in South Africa. We also manufactured garden furniture, gates and fencing components. With some saved money, I bought a very old outdated second hand screwing machine, two second hand lathes, a cut off machine and grinder as well as some small tools.


With all of these items and some home-made benders, I started to fabricate gate hanger bolts, straining eye bolts, studs and threaded rods (mostly to be used with the products we manufactured).  Our main problem was to build a labour force as there were many regulations and restrictions in those days by the labour department. At first, I was only permitted to employ 2 people, but this was not good enough to operate the machines I had. Every month I applied for more labour force and finally I was granted permission to employ six men. This helped us to manufacture much faster and ensured better turnover.


T.G. Threading was split up and I decided to start my long awaited dream “the family business”. Using my surname as identification for the name of the business, I decided on "TEL-ENG" (TELENG) but this was not granted by the department of Labour due to the fact that we were manufacturing and not engineering. That brought about the name “TEL-SCREW PRODUCTS” (TSP). I was offered a Trial period of 3 months and thereafter I had to register the New company. This was done in the second half of 1970.


I strongly believe that TSP did very well over the past 40 years and grew from strength to strength.  From a very small family business it grew into a well established business which employs well over 100 people. 
I announced my retirement due to bad health conditions, my son Ronnie, took over the Directorship. I am proud to say that under his management Tel-Screw Products grew bigger and stronger. So much so, that we then built a factory in Boksburg where Tel-Screw Products is today.


We, the Teleng’s wish to thank all our staff and management for their part in making TSP what it is today. MY GREATEST DREAM AND WISH is that our family tradition be carried on and that one or both of our grandsons take over the company at a later stage and improve and allow for further growth.